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"If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream"


Hi Carrie. Wanted to say thank you for the work you have done for me over the last few years. I find that if I come for a "tune up" every so often my back feels as though I am taking its needs into consideration and feels strong and firm. You are always gentle, never resorting to fast unexpected movements which have unnerved me when used by other practitioners.


See you soon.



I first met Carrie on 11th September 2001, not a date you could forget easily. I took an immediate liking to her which is important to me when someone is dealing with my body. Carrie is a very warm. welcoming person & I feel now that it's more like visiting a friend.

I have muscular, skeletal & alignment problems, I have had fibromylagia for many years, arthritis of the spine & bits that move out of alignment, all of which Carrie has helped with over the years. I had an initial set of about 6 appointments to put things back where they should be & it's just a case now of as & when needed.


I had a fall last year & landed on my knee. I knew it would take a while to recover but eventually went to my GP who sent me for an xray. I was diagnosed with arthritis in the knee. By chance I thought my knee was out. I had put pressure on it & the pain vanished. I called Carrie & she fitted me in that day & yes I was right. She suggested I had some physio as it had been several months previously. My arthritic knee is now fine. No pain. Amazing what a little gentle manipulation can do.


Many thanks Carrie.

I have being going to Carrie for 10 years now. I do alot of lifting at home and always feel renewed and ready to go again after treatment. I would recommend Carrie to anyone in any doubt about using a chiropractor.



Carrie was recommended to me by a friend three years ago after I had 25 years of back ache on and off, and I really wish I had found her much sooner!


After lots of medical investigations I had no diagnosis to explain my chronic back ache and physiotherapy and osteopathy did not help. By the time I saw Carrie I was getting shooting pains in my back and my right leg was 1cm shorter than the left and I had issues with a tingling knee!


McTimoney chiropractic is a very gentle treatment indeed and yet very powerful as after the first treatment I felt lots better and very soon my body had been ‘rebalanced’; my legs are the same length now and I do not get back ache or shooting pains.  I can lift heavy things and play tennis, which were problematic before. I now visit Carrie every three months to make sure my back is in good shape.


If you are the least bit hesitant or worried about having treatment for chronic back ache, I can only say ‘Don’t worry’ as Carrie is very gentle and the treatment is even relaxing. Don’t let the word ‘chiropractic’ put you off trying McTimoney chiropractic as I have also had treatment from a chiropractor and it is nothing like that at all.


Don’t suffer back ache any more - just give Carrie a ring and try out the treatment!’



The treatments I have received from Carrie over the last 6 six years for a back condition I have, allow me to successfully and pain free go about my daily business, which includes my hobby of climbing and hill walking. Her treatments are gentle and unobtrusive. Carrie herself is a lovely warm caring person with a very professional approach. I would most highly recommend Carrie’s McTimoney practise to anyone considering treatment.


Sharon Campbell

Earlier this year I suffered a trapped nerve in the neck which caused constant pain down the left arm and meant that I could not sit or stand for more than a short while. I was fearful of causing more damage to the neck and chose Carrie because her particular form of treatment sounded more gentle than other approaches.​ I am very glad to say that this was the right decision for me. I quickly came to trust Carrie because she combined the best of complementary medicine with her orthodox NHS background. She herself was also as gentle and interesting as her approach, so it was a pleasure to go for treatment! I have had no further pain since treatment and wouldn’t hesitate to return to Carrie as and when needed.

Jane Willshire, Greater Manchester

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